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I am not a great reader of blogs, but I can see that will change ! I enjoyed reading the notes from your talk and your comments on Google. I am a health librarian at present and there have been articles about the usefulness of Google in prestigious academic medical journals since November 2005. I agree with your comment on the time taken after a Google search to "sort the gems from the drivel". The articles I refer to have been prompted by the fact that Google is being used more than the medical databases by doctors ! It seems they often find it easy to find the gems using Google (Of course the occasional gem is not much use if a thorough literature search is needed). One of the articles even talked about a doctor "googling the diagnosis". Google can some times come up trumps, but yes, it is important as you say to guide our clients to the library's specialised databases which are controlled and better organised, have more of the relevant information and offer full text. Regards, Jane

shoaib khan

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